Sedgwick Police Department


505 N. Commercial, Sedgwick, KS 67135

Police Chief: Larry "LA" Alexander

The Sedgwick Police Department is committed to maintaining the quality of life our residents have come to enjoy by providing professional, courteous service.

Non-emergency police calls are received during normal business hours at (316)416-4056. For emergencies dial 911.

If you are going on vacation and would like the police department to watch your house while you are away, print off the
Vacation House Security Check Form fill out and turn in to the Police Department or City Hall.




If you have any issues with dogs (lost, found, animal in need of care), contact 911.

Bad Dog


Dog/Cat Tags are due in the month of January. If you have a dog/cat they must be licensed with the city. Every January you must renew your license. Tags are to be purchased at City Hall, 511 N. Commercial. You must have your proof of rabies with you. Fees are as follows:

Dogs/Cats - spay/neutered - $5.00
Dogs/Cats - not spay/neutered - $15.00
A late charge of $5 will be assessed if tags are not purchased by January 31st.

City of Sedgwick requires all dogs to be on a leash.
Please contact City Hall if you find a dog or have lost a dog.

How many dogs or cats can I have and do they have to be tagged with the city?
You are allowed to have 3 dogs and 3 cats. They must be tagged with the city. Every year in January, you must purchase a dog/cat tag for each of your pets. Please bring a current record of rabies shot. Tags are $5 if spay/neutered, $15 if not spay/neutered. There is a late charge of $5 per animal if tags are not purchased before January 31st.