How Do I...An Answer To New Residents Questions

I just moved to Sedgwick, where do I sign up for utilities?

(answer) The City of Sedgwick provides water, sewer, trash and recycling. A Water Utility Service Form must be filled out and taken to Sedgwick City Hall, 511 N. Commercial Ave., between the hours of 8AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday. You will be required to pay a $50 administration fee and we will need a copy of your identification.

Who do I contact for other utilites?

(answer) Contact the following companies: Westar Electric... (800)383-1183; Kansas Gas Service... (800)794-4780

What trash carts do we need, how much does it cost and when is trash picked up?

(answer) The city contracts with Waste Connections for trash and recycling. You will be provided with a Recycling Cart and a Trash cart. You will be asked what size of trash you would like when you sign up with the city for utilities. The choices you have are: 95 Gallon (same size as the recycle cart) $13.50; 65 Gallon $12.50; 35 Gallon $11.50 per month. The Recycle Cart is $4 per month.
Trash is picked up every Thursday and Recycling is picked up every other Thursday. NOTE: Have your trash/recycle cart at the curb by 6am on Thursday morning.

How do I notify the Police Department to watch my house while I am on vacation?

(answer) A vacation form is available at Sedgwick City Hall or you can print off a copy of the form here: Vacation Form. This form gives the Police Department information on how long you will be gone, who to contact if there are problems, and who is allowed to come and go from your house.

How do I find out about community events happening in Sedgwick?

(answer) This website is a good source of information along with the local City Channel 7. If you do not have Cox Cable, click on the Channel 7 link on our home page. We also have a Facebook page: City of Sedgwick, Kansas

What companies offer internet service in Sedgwick?

(answer) There are several options for internet in this area. at&t, Cox Cable, Exede Satellite Internet, HughesNet

For more information on att internet, they offer this site:

Satellite TV Options: Direct TV & Dish Network