Firemen weather training

Emergency Services

The City of Sedgwick has a very talented Volunteer Fire Department that are dispatched through Harvey County 911. Anyone interested in volunteering their time and talents to this worthwhile community service should print off and fill out the Volunteer Application and turn in to either:

Zane Hansen, Fire Chief
316 N. Washington/(316)772-5700

City Hall, 520 N. Commercial (316)772-5151

If you need training/certification, this is a great opportunity to volunteer and have your schooling paid for. Call for more information!


The time to prepare for a tornado or other disaster is not when the siren goes off!! Better to prepare and practice your plan 10 times and never need it, than for you and yoru family to have no plan when you need it and be in greater danger. "Things" can be replaced, but life is the most important.

FEMA offers a great website to help with your disaster readiness. It is This comprehensive website will assist you with personalizing the plan for your family and the diverse circumstances that you should plan for. The internet also has many other websites that offer valuable information on emergency planning.

Listen to the weather forecasts, sign up for CodeRED (a free service provided by our City) and be alert to changing weather that could bring strong storms or tornados and be prepared. During the spring season, weather is especially volatile and can change quickly. A weather radio programed for your area is a valuable tool to staying alert to changing conditions. Be sure that the weather radio has battery backup and extra batteries. It is helpful to have one at home and one in your office building.

It is important to decide in advance where you will seek shelter in the event of a tornado. Many times, tornados develop quickly and there may be very little warning. Tornados can appear at any time of the day or night. You may not always be able to see a storm approaching. DO NOT IGNORE A WEATHER SIREN. SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY!! You should seek shelter in a basement or the lowest floor possible away from windows adn in an interior room. You should remain in this secure area until the storm passes. When seeking shelter, be sure to put on sturdy shoes or boots, durable clothing, and take yoru purse or wallet, any medications you may need immediately, and your cell phone and charger.

It is advisable to have some basic disaster supplies on hand in yoru shelter area at all times. You may store them in a 5 gallon bucket(s) with a lid that is available in any home improvement store. The following supplies should be stored in yoru shelter kit:
Bottled water for each family member and pets - one gallon per person per day, nonperishable food items for at least 24 hours-a 72 hour supply is preferable, formula and diapers for infants, pet food in an airtight bag or can, a flashlight and extra batteries, first aid kit, a battery powered radio, a whistle to signal for help, dust masks to filter contaminated air, cash in the form of smaller bills and change, a contact list for family and friends, copies of yoru insurance policies, copies of identification and social security, contact information for credit card companies, and bank account records. It would also be helpful to have sleeping bags or blankets for each person stored close by in moisture-proof bags or containers, and a change of clothing and basic personal hygiene items for each family member. In the event of a disaster, sunblock and a hat are also very helpful. Cards, games or books can make the shelter time go by faster and keep little ones occupied.